Thomas Britten-Jones

Thomas Britten-Jones is an Occupational Therapist who is passionate about promoting and enhancing the lives of people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Thomas holds a Bachelor in Psychological Science from the University of South Australia. He received a merit award and was invited to the Golden Keys Society for academic excellence. Thomas then completed his Masters in Occupational Therapy, developing his skills in assessing clients, providing management plans, and providing education and support to staff and families. He is keenly interested in best-practice interventions for people with autism and keeps abreast of the latest research.

Thomas has 12 years experience teaching and training in martial arts to children and adults and has previously worked as a Crisis Support Worker at Lifeline. Throughout his career, Thomas has continued to develop his knowledge and understanding of occupational therapy and has participated in several workshops, conferences and professional training. Thomas:

  • Attended the 2019 Autism SA Conference: Using Social Thinking Methodology to Support Social Learning presented by Michelle Garcia Winner

  • Participated in a "Move to Learn" workshop

  • Trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

  • Attended the 2017 Autism SA Conference: Social Cognition and Emotional Regulation presented by Kari Dunn Baron

  • Participated in "Toilet Time" – toilet training for children with developmental disabilities.

  • Attended the 2018 Autism SA Conference: Autism as Context blindness presented by Dr Peter Vermeulen

  • Participated in 'Best Practice Approaches to Supervision Within New and Emerging Practice Environments'

  • Completed 'Helping Children with Autism' - Online training provided by OT Australia

  • Attended the 2018 Private practice Symposium

  • Receives regular and ongoing supervision to ensure a high quality of therapy for his clients




Thomas is also interested in counselling; using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques and providing clients with concrete strategies to manage their anxiety, gain self-awareness and insight.

Thomas believes that for children to thrive they need to be able to fully participate in activities that are important to them, and to experience success. He believes that the relationship he forms with the family and child is central to the therapeutic process.  

Thomas believes that caregiver involvement in therapy is vital. He encourages and welcomes on-going communication between himself and a child’s family. Thomas understands that caring for children is a full-time vocation and therefore has flexible contact hours and tries to be as accessible as possible. 

Thomas believes that ongoing reflection, evaluation and research into best practice therapeutic interventions will provide the best outcome for his clients.

By working closely with parents, carers, teachers and collaborating with other medical and health professionals he is consistently able to help people overcome their challenges and help them to gain independence, confidence and reach their full potential.

Thomas Britten-Jones (OT)

Thomas Britten-Jones (OT)