Fine Motor Skills 

Fine motor skills involve the coordination, strength and dexterity of the small muscles of the hand and fingers that enable a child to use a pencil, scissors and cutlery successfully as well as manipulating small objects including zips, buttons, shoelaces etc. Fine motor skills are vital in developing skills required at school, for self-care and feeling confident enough to play with others.

Children with fine motor difficulty may experience the following:

·      Immature or distorted pencil grasp

·      Difficulties with letter formation, alignment and spacing

·      Writing speed is slow

·      Mixed or delayed hand dominance

·      Difficulties using cutlery, scissors, tying shoelaces, managing buttons and zippers

·      Poor colouring and drawing skills

·      Avoidance of writing/drawing and playing games requiring good fine motor skills and manipulation of small objects.

·       drawing, writing and playing games that require manipulation of small objects and good fine motor control

·      Poor coordination and strength of the hands